Frames come in all shapes and sizes. The installation of a new frame listening very closely. Incorrect installation of new windows and doors can provide tour and faster wear. Plecom specializes in placing both plastic, wooden and aluminum frames. Thanks to our years of experience we can provide all kinds of frames places within a short time. In addition, we also ensure that your old window frame with window or glass is removed neatly. We do all at very reasonable rates. Besides placing the frame we give you advice in choosing the right kind. So you can have doubts about the use of materials, we are there for you to make your choice between aluminum, plastic or wooden frames easier. Windows, doors and frames of wood fit perfectly in a home with an old-fashioned look. Namely wood gives a homely and warm feeling. Wood, however, require more maintenance than aluminum or plastic windows, doors or window frames. Doors, windows, doors and window frames of aluminum and plastic require little maintenance. However, it is true that certain aluminum facade or window frame sometimes simply do not fit the style of the building. Aluminum frames are mainly installed in modern buildings where a lot of glass is used. Aluminium is in fact ideally suited for carrying heavy plate glass. Plastic doors, windows and frames, the last decade has become incredibly popular. This is mainly because good quality plastic frames, doors and windows are virtually maintenance free. Plastic comes standard in white or cream. However, it is also possible to process a chosen color in the window frames. By this paint treatment, the plastic is also harder and thus more resistant to the elements. We work exclusively with professionals who have years of experience in construction work and the installation of new windows. We also take our product range from the most trusted vendors frames. Lives can have your windows professionally in the Hague region and you want to insert or let you advise? Are you curious about the cost of placing or replacing windows or prices of our assortment? If so, please feel free to contact Plecom contractor for the best wood, aluminum and plastic frames in The Hague and surroundings.

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