The roof of your house Roofing has many advantages. By applying a layer on your roof, your roof will draft and waterproof. Roofing can both flat and pitched roofs. The roofer of Plecom contractor has many years experience in the field of roofing. There are many kinds of material by which a roof can be covered. The most common form of roofing tiles in the Netherlands. In addition, there is also often plastic, metal, used slate or roofing felt (bitumen). Roofing can save a lot of costs over the years. Because less heat escaping, you can save on energy bills. Tiles are by far the most used in Roofing in the Netherlands. Almost all buildings with pitched roofs are equipped with roof tiles. Plecom has years of experience in placing tiles on sloped roofs. Also for the renovation of roofs you’ve come to the right place. Our roofer works with plastic and roofing felt. Would you like to get a flat roof waterproof, snow proof and drafts before winter begins? then let cover your roof with roofing felt. Roofing felt a bit like asphalt or tar. When you verwarmdt roofing felt is you can form as you want. When you let connect multiple layers of roofing felt together you get a good seal. Ideal for good covering of a flat roof. Besides roofing felt can also be made of plastic used. Plastic does not need to be heated and is also better for the environment than roofing felt. Moreover, it is much more durable. Would you like the roof of your home or office let Roofing? Ask us for a free quote at Plecom Hague, an experienced contractor for your roofing. Our specialized roofer with years of experience awaits jobs throughout Hague region.

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