Do you want to install new doors, windows or window frames? Is your home ready for a new wooden floor? For various carpentry, renovation and construction for interior and exterior, wood and sheet metal quality you’ve come to the right place. The good result is provided by our maintenance company uses only the best materials and tools. Our philosophy can only deliver customized if you have the tools and materials to ensure quality. At Plecom contractor serves both a quick little carpentry job as the most exclusive carpentry projects. We think along the costs, feasibility and in appearance. The picture has to be right and that’s what we arranged. We have been a long time engaged in carpentry and construction industry and know exactly how we are to accomplish your wishes. For our service and quality there are central.
Are you planning to perform carpentry or have any questions about our work? Want to know more about the cost of our services? Please contact us and let you, feel free to inform about the possibilities.

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