Durable customized by professionals, for every job we have the correct and appropriate solution. In this work are obvious craftsmanship and professionalism are highly valued because we give to each contract our exclusive quality.




Plecom total renovation is a professional contractor Hague that works for both individuals and businesses. We have been able to achieve various tasks to the full satisfaction of our clients in the past. You can turn to us for a variety of activities in and around your home or business. Painting, renovating, building and remodeling is our specialty. The outside and inside we tackle in an efficient and effective manner.


With our years of experience we know as contractor to get the job done satisfactorily. You are ensuring we have a clear point of contact, so you always know who you’re dealing with. Our staff will be taking all the pleasure of sound advice with respect to the capabilities of our work and its outcome.


If you look for a registered contractor? Everything has totally to remodel, you can carry out with confidence by builders Plecom. Durable customized by professionals, for every job we have the correct and appropriate solution. Plecom contractor renovation is a recognized company that provides work for both individuals and businesses. We have been able to achieve various tasks to the full satisfaction of our clients in the past. Plecom works include the construction contractor or you can call on us for a wide variety of maintenance work in and around your home or business. Want to find a good and cheap contractor for your construction and renovation? Then you have Plecom construction at the right place!


We are happy to answer your questions.

We offer a wide range of services and activities for you to relieve as much as possible to optimize your home.


Plecom helps you in planning future operations. We advise you in style, colors and materials and much more.


Small and large, simple and complex, Plecom state for ready to renovate both a small space as the whole building to your liking.


Quality control and supervision while performing various renovation and construction projects.


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Are you looking for a contractor to remodel your home or your property to maintenance or expansion? Then Plecom contractor renovations Hague the right choice. Leave remodeling a home can be a big job it is important to enable a reliable and competent partner. Plecom as contractor in construction has great knowledge and abilities to realize the renovation of your home properly. Together, we look at what your personal needs are, what interventions are needed to achieve the desired result and that tune your budget.
Remodeling a home can consist of several aspects; from breaking through walls, places of partition walls, the replacement of flooring, the isolation of frames, windows or roof to the complete renovation of a house. For all general renovations, big or small has Plecom remodeling contractor in The Hague an appropriate solution. In order to relieve as much as possible and to provide the least possible inconvenience we strive for careful preparation, clear agreements and a good organization so that the conversion can be achieved in a short time.
we can keep the cost of the renovation low thanks to our tight schedules, prepared and experienced professionals.
Besides the implementation, we will be happy to advise in terms of materials, construction drawings, planning and all other questions. Our company has years of experience in growing houses, this experience we put in to restore your home to your liking.
Want to know what Plecom can mean a big contractor in remodeling your home? Are you curious about the cost of a remodeling that your house? Contact us now for a quote for the renovation of your home!

An older home or business is often attractive, but you want to that it meets the requirements of the times in terms of both style and comfort. Plecom care of all totaalrenovarie work of new bathroom, kitchen to window frames with HR ++ glass and renewed ceilings to walls and floors. Besides total renovation is the team of professionals is also the right choice for smaller renovation within Plecom which for example only your window frame, window, door or wall to be restored. Small and large scale renovation is a major issue for the parties involved. The team Plecom doing everything to minimize the inconvenience by careful planning and thus minimize implementation time and annoyance. The experienced professionals work in our company in a coordinated manner with one another to perform all work as effectively and efficiently as possible. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we help you determine happy to plan the necessary work on your requirements, by looking at what is feasible and ultimately adjust your budget. Want to know which renovations are necessary for your home or property, and what may amount to the contractor fees, please feel free to contact Plecom renovation contractor for a quote.

The decoration of bathrooms and toilets rightly get more attention. Chic and trendy colors, lots of new design and of course plenty of choice of materials, styles and techniques to beautify your bathroom. Different types of tiles on both floors and walls, add small, built-in pockets, designer radiators, attractive alternatives for douchputje and many new models of bathroom furniture offer the ability to completely adapt your bathroom with atmospheric lighting to your taste. As a recognized bathroom contractor in construction, renovation and reconstruction Plecom brings every bathroom is the best solution that fits within your budget. Plecom contractor for bathrooms and sanitary facilities are located in The Hague and works throughout the region. Want to know more about the possibilities for your bathroom? You can contact us request a quote.

Frames come in all shapes and sizes. The installation of a new frame listening very closely. Incorrect installation of new windows and doors can provide tour and faster wear. Plecom specializes in placing both plastic, wooden and aluminum frames. Thanks to our years of experience we can provide all kinds of frames places within a short time. In addition, we also ensure that your old window frame with window or glass is removed neatly. We do all at very reasonable rates. Besides placing the frame we give you advice in choosing the right kind. So you can have doubts about the use of materials, we are there for you to make your choice between aluminum, plastic or wooden frames easier. Windows, doors and frames of wood fit perfectly in a home with an old-fashioned look. Namely wood gives a homely and warm feeling. Wood, however, require more maintenance than aluminum or plastic windows, doors or window frames. Doors, windows, doors and window frames of aluminum and plastic require little maintenance. However, it is true that certain aluminum facade or window frame sometimes simply do not fit the style of the building. Aluminum frames are mainly installed in modern buildings where a lot of glass is used. Aluminium is in fact ideally suited for carrying heavy plate glass. Plastic doors, windows and frames, the last decade has become incredibly popular. This is mainly because good quality plastic frames, doors and windows are virtually maintenance free. Plastic comes standard in white or cream. However, it is also possible to process a chosen color in the window frames. By this paint treatment, the plastic is also harder and thus more resistant to the elements. We work exclusively with professionals who have years of experience in construction work and the installation of new windows. We also take our product range from the most trusted vendors frames. Lives can have your windows professionally in the Hague region and you want to insert or let you advise? Are you curious about the cost of placing or replacing windows or prices of our assortment? If so, please feel free to contact Plecom contractor for the best wood, aluminum and plastic frames in The Hague and surroundings.

Do you want to install new doors, windows or window frames? Is your home ready for a new wooden floor? For various carpentry, renovation and construction for interior and exterior, wood and sheet metal quality you’ve come to the right place. The good result is provided by our maintenance company uses only the best materials and tools. Our philosophy can only deliver customized if you have the tools and materials to ensure quality. At Plecom contractor serves both a quick little carpentry job as the most exclusive carpentry projects. We think along the costs, feasibility and in appearance. The picture has to be right and that’s what we arranged. We have been a long time engaged in carpentry and construction industry and know exactly how we are to accomplish your wishes. For our service and quality there are central.
Are you planning to perform carpentry or have any questions about our work? Want to know more about the cost of our services? Please contact us and let you, feel free to inform about the possibilities.

Want your property to keep course in excellent condition. Windows, doors, gutters, walls, ceilings different types of doors such as doors and doors etc have allemal requires its own kind of treatment. It should all tip-top look, both inside and outside everything is provided with a protective coating quality. In concerted beautiful colors together, where possible, in harmony with the environment to keep in top condition. We carry both new construction and maintenance, and also we have wide experience in all types of wood rot repair. Thanks to our high standards, we only offer the best quality. Our goal is to offer everyone an appropriate solution, therefore we provide customized to each client. Is your home ready for a new coat of paint or simply want to give a new uistralling your interior? For this and many other activities, we are ready for you. Would you like to redecorate your office and make sure that the weather can last for years? Plecom painting contractor in The Hague offers a full range of painting work to make it happen. Need doubts about the use of color or you have advice of our pfoessionals, it belongs also to the possibilities. For more information and to get prijsindicataie our services contact Plecom Painters Hague.

Carrying out plastering work seems pretty simple, but in practice it is a big job. Each wall or ceiling finishes namely requires a specific treatment and our expertise guarantees the best results. We supply all types of play activities for both individuals and businesses. For example, are you looking for sauce ready plaster, stunning barn ceilings or one of the many types of decorative plasters, spachtelputz in any color, it is all possible. Simply put, you can find almost any type of wall finish at Plecom plasterer Hague. However, before we go to work, we will discuss with you which result you want to achieve and which solution is best. Then our team of professionals can get started to turn your home into a place that is worth to be called home. For our fares please contact us.